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Merry Christmas!

Goals - one thing at a time - weekly or less frequent blog. Yoga was HARD! Still on track with eating plan,

Lost Four Pounds! Attended Pilates! Watched Patricia Bright

Still reading Pretend You're Mine, reading gossip magazines, borrowed new books from library.

Tired of Jacket potato, avoided the coconut jam sponge - need to plan meals.

Reading books, good weekend, starting a new accomplishment diary

Breaksfast from Sainsburys and new style writing for blog.

Smarting Goals, Getting Oganised.

Online Forums, Choices and Lunch is booked!

Christmas Lunch is agreed, all on board. Goal setting and Time management working well.

Head Honcho casted vote on lunch venue, Red Jumper got stylish Beats by Dre earphone from Black Friday, Work ticked along, AGG's planning method is working well.

Pub Grub, Time Management and Goal Shock, the rush to completion.

Had coffee with a fellow writer, went to an exhibition on West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song at the British Library.

Searching for office christmas party venue, celebrating Momma AG birthday.

Why I blog and other things.

Rainy day, don't talk to colleagues before their morning coffee. Focus on one goal at a time.

Not going to the gym.Supermarket prices creeping up for Christmas Holiday. Still on 5.2 Diet on the second starving day!

Drawing some figures, did some shopping, watched TV, Saw some American breakfast cereal and twinkies

My home made photoshop covers, it snowed today, practising ebook covers.

Big night meeting new people. Normal eating day 1 of 5.

First day of 5:2 diet, heard some sad news, saw some posh vintage cars.

Thinking of 5-2 Diet and attended a public lecture given by super scholar Professor Elizabeth Robertson on Chaucer and Wordsworth's Vivid Daisies

Doing too much. High expectations.

Waitrose christmas treats samples on display. Travelled to Milton Keyes for a conference.

Pret mushrooming all over London, Walk by the River, Goal settings, business plans and eating cake.