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John Lewis Christmas Shop pictures. Lots of Halloween people

NaNoWriMo: Preparing for National Novel-Writing Month

What a day! Check out my photography from the tube adverts.

Had breakfast from Sainsburys and Russell Brand and Katie Perry.

Severe Delays Going To Work

Tired and nearly forgot to do this.

Morning Rush Was Pants.

An Evening with Richard Huntingford at Kaplan Connects event

Black History Month, eating donuts and listening to Charlie Sloth on BBC 1 Xtra

Liverpool Station people clutter the platform and Waitrose has long queues at till with closed lanes.

Soan Papdi sweetened my day.

Lazy Sundays Working on Novels.

Daily Mutterings - Please Wash Your Hands Debate

Rush Hour and Lola's Red Velvet Cake

Another Entry for this Journal Business.

Burnt Fish fingers!

Missed seeing Hannibal Buress

Went to the gym and my day

Day of Reflection and shopping for soup condiments.