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Tuesday feature - I love Cinnamon Buns...and found a new bakery called Fabrique

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Daily Writing Journal: show me your desk!

I missed this last week but as you can see my desk is in a state. This is due to lots of things happening  and I normally also use my desk as a spare surface space. Yes.

So at the upper left hand corner is a day-to-day calendar from 2017 - that was actually a complimentary from a publisher at the London Book Fair. I get them but don't really use them. I start of each year thinking, great let's use but hardly. I guess I can take the spare one I have for this year to work.

Next is  organic Pukka castor oil which I use to condition my hair. And no, I have no idea if it works or not, but I use it. After that is some peppermint Bodyshop foot lotion. I use it occasionally.  After that a jumble of things including strings for a former guitar I had. I was learning. My non-aluminium deodorant. Apparently it's healthier. I've been using this for years, though I have the normal ones for spare.

A black complimentary note book from a CPD I attended years ago. After that is Tomi Ad…

Daily Writing Journal: Sunday - Novel editing progress update. Crisis!

There is a bit of crisis because I'm not sure where this is going and the last week was slightly tedious.

The course is very good but I feel it's too risky to do wait until the 21 week for do some writing. Also I was getting bored. Last week was about world-building and the lesson and worksheet were excellent but it wasn't for me because I don't think that way. But I am going to revise it at a later point. And I'll be using it for other genre writing.
Next lesson - week eight! Can you believe I've been editing for eight weeks now! Can you? So lesson eight is below. Themes....

FINALLY, IN LESSON EIGHT: You’ll discover your story and theme. While you were writing, you may have considered Story and Theme. You may not have. Most writers, after all, give them only cursory attention. But Story and Theme are what pull everything else together. They refine your target, illuminate the priorities in your promises, and spotlight every Scene, Plot, Conflict, Character and…

My London Hood - Bloomsbury Square.

Another blog on the go.I was on my way to an appointment, and I thought this was a nice spot to feature. Beyond this square to the west is the British Museum.That imposing building is Victoria House.This is the garden map which is east of the garden.Big Poppa Charles J Fox. Nice name for a historical romance character. This is north of the garden.To the west is the Le Cordon Bleu cookery school.  They do short courses as well.

Daily Writing Journal: week 11 of Mo Money Challenge means £11 savings

So this is my £11. It was harder this time - check out my mini-rant last week. I get weary especially when I realised for the next 8 weeks I'd have to find £10 plus an incremental 2 - 9. But this is the challenge I took. Beware of taking random challenge for likes and hits.

Yes the money tin, with the Queen of England starting at you from the five pound note. I'm not even sure why I am doing this. I've got another of uses for this savings though.
The money is now in the tin. So it will be balance remember I started in week 7 and this is week 11 but I'm not counting now. I might have to change the tin. This is pretty boring and painful.

Busy day, pasta night.

Came home from work and it was a long day so I put on my posh pasta.I had a shop brand but decided to try this.The shapes are different. Added some tomato pesto.I can't tell the difference but I'm sure there is some was the Rummo is three times the price of the Sainsbury's brand.Back to dinner now 💖😊.

Daily Writing Journal: Film, Movie or Boxset Night: The Maltese Falcon

Another black and white movie, this was a recommendation about looking at plots. It's quite a simple plot where everyone is after the same thing but it is quite dated in some respects unlike the Sunset Boulevard. Great twists and turns with a cast of brilliant actors - The film stars Humphrey Bogart as private investigator Sam Spade before he hit the big time. Nobody is good and bad and everyone has a secret agenda. If you don't mind black and white movies with hardboiled detective-speak then watch this.

I'm a member of a film club so this was the disk I borrowed. I like images for authentic.