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Daily Writing Journal: Editing Update my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica.

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Daily Writing Journal: My London Hood - St Pancras & St Pancras International Station

Today is a rather grey and overcast day in London  - normal weather - but to honour this promise rather than using old pictures - not looking at anyone in Instagram I actually left my place early and decided on St Pancras Station, now called St Pancras International Station.  This where the Eurostar trains start, before it was at Waterloo but moved over here a few years ago.

It's a beautiful gothic building and if you want to find out more information I've put some links below. This houses a hotel called the renaissance  and as well as some super expensive penthouses.

Spot the fancy cars...

 I took a few pictures around, didn't go inside - it just feels like an airport lounge with lots of restaurants and food shops. I normally use it go to Brighton or Gatwick Airport.

This is the new entrance.
This is the Youtube Store, the opposite side had Google. I'll do that another day when I'm in the area. 

This is from other side - where a famous wizard takes the train to s…

#51 Daily Writing Journal: Mo Money Challenge - The 52-week money challenge

I found this challenge on the Budgetnista web site and it sounded interesting. At first I came up with a whole load of excuses not to do it ranging from not having a account, not sure how to do this, time etc etc. Then I found a simpler challenge but a challenge is a challenge so I went back to this.
The 52-week money challenge Every week I save the week number's cash. Now I'm starting at week 7 so I'm am going to be £21 behind. Note I'm working in GBP or Pound Sterling. I may or not may it up weeks 1 to 21. 
Budgetnista recommends opening up a savings accounts and automating the transfers, and I do too. However for the purposes of blogging  about it, because it's a challenge, I'll be using a tin and once in while I shall make a trip to the bank to make the deposit. My Savings Today I saved £7, which meant I've committed this money to the tin. It was all in coins, now going forward there may be a problem with this as the ATM only gives notes - normally in £…

#50 Daily Writing Journal: Happy Valentine's Day! A few of my favourite things.

Happy Valentine's Day!
A few of my favourite things My first blog feature from the schedule and I'm sharing four of my favourite things. My Mulberry red wine purse 
My purse is about three or four years old. I tend to get high-end purses and bags because they last longer than just high fashion ones. Also because I needed something that could take some manhandling as I stuff it with things. In my early twenties I would get inexpensive purses only for them to fall apart after a year, so I started to invest in my purses and handbags. 
Before this, I had a Mui Mui purse but it got rather tatty as it had patent leather patchwork but after a few years it frayed so I decided the next replacement would be pure letter. I save for my purses and get them in the sale. My Neals Yard Aromatic Diffuser
This was my Christmas gift from Sis and it served me well during my horrible recent cold. A few drops of essential oils.
My MacBook and Mug
The MacBook was a Christmas gift from Sis as well. …

#49 Daily Writing Journal: 2019 Blog Schedule, my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica Progress!

2019 Blog Schedule!
I did it. I made a rough schedule. It's not pretty like in a planner with nice washi tape but I did it! So this is what I'm proposing.  Note there was a bit of time lag with most posts, because it had my timezone as Pacific Standard Time. I do GMT - so that has been corrected.   RegularsMonday - show me your desk! This is where I show you my desk and describe or give information on one thing. It might even inspire me to keep a clean desk policy. 
Wednesday Film, Movie 0r Boxset Night Any movie - DVD, cinema, on demand, new or old stuff. This is where I write about a movie  or box I  recently watched. 
Saturday - My London Hood This just forces me go out and take a picture of the magical city that is London. So it will be random. Very random. I'm not promising.
Sunday - Novel editing progress update This is when I get the new lessons delivered so I'd be doing this. I'm still going to be doing this when I can but this will be the main topic.  Featu…

#48 Daily Writing Journal: Planning my Blog, my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica Progress!

Planning my Blog
Inspired by my writing friend, Raven Black, I'm thinking of planning my blog.  Check out her blog. Not sure because I'm not a planner. I purposely chose a career where I needed to do little planning. Planning makes me feel constricted but it does have it's benefits. But where do I start? Normally when I plan, I either get stuck in the planning stages or by the time I'm completely I lose interest. No harm in trying. She said it took her a week to plan her blog.
I guess my biggest takeaway from reading Raven's blog was finding out my goal. Her was to improve her social media presence by being consistent, and it has worked. I tend to flirt with social media - that includes blogging. The benefit of this is having a more rounded blog....not just me moaning about  writing or colds or editing. 
I guess my biggest goal would be to promote my writing but I don't think blogging does that. However I do have different creative outlets - drawing - badly, c…

#47 Daily Writing Journal: Up and About - went outside, my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica Progress! Planning a Blog

Up and About - went outside
I went outside for the first time in a week. Yes, it's being that long.. It was wet and cold but I needed to get weighed. I don't have a pair of weighing scales at home so I use the gym. I was slightly unsteady but that was a gushing wind.

Then I went looking for a loaf of fresh bread but the shop bakeries hadn't started yet, I think it's because it was a Sunday. Normally on a week day or Saturday the shops would smell of freshly baked bread so I just bought some milk.

Later on, in the evening,  I needed to get some revision cards for my next  editing assignment so I popped into my local Waitrose. Quite an expensive shop but I didn't have the emery to walk to the main stationary shop on the main road.

I managed to avoid the obstacle course of sweets and treats.  I don't tend to buy them, the problem with shop-made-baked products is that they don't taste as good as they look.

My urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Ang…