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Purchasing the Write Publish Profit 5.0. And My Earn $100 challenge!

Write Publish Profit 5.0

 This was advertised on Scribophile - the workshopping site I am a member of, and since I was coming up for renewal, and after some thinking, reflecting and doing some calculations,  I decided to get it. I wasn't going to get it until I realised the site's subscription had increased by about 37% to 39% from the last time, I paid. 

So I thought since it was a discounted in the stack at least for six months to take it and give me some grace, or breathing space to see if I wanted to subscribe at the premium membership. So I thought since the stack was called. Write Publish Profit. I could use this as a challenge to raise the subscription fee.

It may sound easy to raise $89 from writing but believe me, it isn't. I don't think, I've earn that to-date in royalties so this is a big challenge. Also it has to be $89 from the profit. So so this is basically 182% return on investment. 

Anyway I got a 4 by 13 stack of products which means 52 products. I have up to June 23 to redeem all but I've already redeemed the Scribophile but I'll be testing some of the others in my quest for earning $100 from writing.  

Some products are like lead-in or gloried trials but I can also test them and do a review. The challenge doesn't have a time limit other than the next time, I renew my subscription it should be from income I've earned for writing.

List of Products Available

  1. Writing the Continuing Series
    Susan Palmquist
    $50.00 Value
  2. Write, EDIT, Publish, and Profit
    JoEllen Nordstrom
    $149.95 Value
  3. Write Your Life Story Or Memoir - Online Course
    Dale Darley
    $147.00 Value
  4. Write your Book in 100 Days: Stop Mucking about and Write It
    Sarah Bullen
    $220.00 Value
  5. The Six Figure Author's Advanced Categories and Keywords Training
    Rebecca Hamilton
    $499.00 Value
  6. The Pages & Platforms Book Marketing Workbook
    Sue Campbell
    $27.00 Value
  7. The Novel Factory (12 Months Access)
    $75.00 Value
  8. The Millionaire Author Challenge
    Carissa Andrews
    $47.00 Value
  9. The Amazon Self Publisher
    Dale Roberts
    $9.99 Value
  10. The 21-day Bestselling Author Platform
    Derek Murphy
    $97.00 Value
  11. Storiad Author Book Promotion Package
    Ramzi Hajj
    $280.00 Value
  12. Self-Publish or Get an Agent? - How to Find and Implement Your Best Path to Publishing Success
    Greta Boris and Megan Haskell
    $79.99 Value
  13. Self-Publish Like A Pro
    Karen Ferreira
    $99.00 Value
  14. REDEEMED Scribophile Premium Membership (6 Months Access)
    Alex Cabal
    $66.00 Value
  15. Rock Your Novel School
    Steff Green
    $393.00 Value
  16. Revision Hell: Polishing Your Manuscript for Profit
    Candace Havens
    $129.00 Value
  17. Reverse Writing - Back Cover to Bestseller ebook + Workbook
    Esther Jacobs
    $29.99 Value
  18. ProWritingAid (3 Months Subscription) 
    Chris Banks
    $60.00 Value
  19. Promotional Package From Crave Books
    Cary Bergeron
  20. Presell Your First 100 Copies of Your Book (Before It's Published): A Five-Week Course To Activate Your Audience, Sell More Books, and Guarantee a Profitable Book
    Eric Koester
  21. Nrdly for Authors (6 Months Free Pass + Exclusive Template)
    Nick Stephenson
    $250.00 Value
  22. Masterclass: Create Your Sizzling Author Profile
    Donna Kozik
    $399.00 Value
  23. LitRing's BookBub Builder Promotion
    Samantha Williams
    $40.00 Value
  24. Kickstarting Your Career
    David Farland
    $199.00 Value
  25. Inkspired Premium Plus (2 Months Subscription)
    Galo Vargas
    $199.99 Value
  26. How To Write Your Novel
    Emma Dhesi
    $497.00 Value
  27. How To Write & Self Publish Your Own Print Book and eBook on Amazon
    Sarah Cordiner
  28. Get Published!
    Winter Brooks
  29. From Brain to Book: Package Your Expertise into Book Form
    Gabriela Pereira
    $49.00 Value
  30. Entrepreneur to Author
    Scott MacMillan
  31. Easy and Fun Newsletters for Authors
    Connie Dowell
  32. Dabble (3 Months Subscription)
    Jacob Wright
  33. Creative Academy for Writers Skill Toolkit from Creation to Publication
    Creative Academy for Writers
  34. Create Better Characters with Coaching Masterclass (12 Months Access)
    Isabel Sterling
    $25.00 Value
  35. Campfire (3 Months Subscription)
    Jackson Dickert
    $37.50 Value
  36. Book Marketing Tips for the Busy Authorpreneur Workshop (12 Months Access)
    Jennifer Vassel
  37. Blue Ocean Positioning for Authors
    Kevin Mullani
  38. Blogging 105: 105 Ways to Blog and Podcast as an Author, an Expert, and a Real Person
    John Kremer
    $12.99 Value
  39. Best-Seller Launch Made Simple
    Emee Estacio
    $48.00 Value
  40. Believe, Plan, Act: A Platform + Productivity Planner for Writers
    Kimberley Grabas
    $37.00 Value
  41. Author Planning Bundle
    Dianna Gunn
    $15.96 Value
  42. Author Essentials Planner
    Yolanda Allen
    $39.00 Value
  43. Author Archetypes
    Derek Doepker
  44. Anthologies For Authors
    Ray Brehm
    $297.00 Value
  45. Adapting your Book into a Streaming TV Series Webinar (12 Months Access)
    Daniel Calvisi
    $79.00 Value
  46. A Roadmap To Your Best Novel
    Philip Duncan
  47. A Beginner's Guide to Book Marketing on a Budget
    Camille Flores
  48. 80% off a One-to-One Coaching Session for Creative Writers (6 Months Access)
    Beth Barany
    $500.00 Value
  49. 50% off any Premade Book Cover Design (12 Months Access)
    Adrijus Guscia
    $70.00 Value
  50. 43 Ways to Make Your Book Work for You
    Kris Safarova
  51. 3 Steps to Achieving Your Author Goals Training (12 Months Access)
    Lauren Ranalli
  52. 20% off a One Hour Mini Consultation
    Janey Burton


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