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My week ending 11 Feb - writing courses, photoshop, beta-reading novel, preparing to self publish....

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Hey Everyone,

Hope you've all had a good week!  I found I've taken on too much so some of my plans are on the back burner. I also got run down with a bug. I don't know what's a cold or flu or bug.

Week's catch up.

Work is cool, so much laugher though there is lots to do. It's taking some getting used it. First it's nothing, then full throttle ahead.

My ergonomic mouse packed up so I'm using my non-dominant mouse hand, and that's swollen. All I can say its the last time I buy something off a reseller on Amazon. They weren't bad, but it's just now they have referred me to the manufacturer in the USA. I'm in the UK for crying out load. All I can say is always check the warranty on electronics and who take responsibility.  It wasn't a cheap mouse, it cost about $150 or £100. So not happy.

Writing classes

Going well but hard work. The proof is keeping up the momentum. I'm doing the Faber short courses and currently doing two at the moment. The Brilliant Character and Beginner's Fiction. They are extremely good. I'm a huge fan and my writing had really improved - I've taken two others. This is more as an investment in my novel which I hope to self-publish soon. I want to be able to feel that I'm giving the best value in terms of writing.

The Brilliant Character course, I had a budget for, the Beginner's Fiction came highly recommended so I gave it to myself as a new job present.

Photoshop Classes

These are so good - the tutor is excellent. I've dabbled in photoshop before, in a professional capacity but it was mostly just touching up. Now I'm attending formal evening/night classes at City University. Again, I had budget for buying a cover but opted to learn photoshop since my new job provided CC suite as benefit. Yay me!

So the course isn't cheap but ya'll know I've been saving a bit each month for over two years for marketing and finishing my book, so I had a few funds. So yes, I did the above image with some skills.

So it's going to take a lot of practice to get up to a good quality but I enjoy this creativeness so it's all good.

Anyone following the stories in the press?

Its been interesting, hasn't it. Pa Quincy Jones is giving the low down. I mean at eighty odd years old, what does he care? He hasn't said anything new, or anything he hasn't alluded to before. Oh well.

Have a nice week.

Anna xxx

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