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Weekly blog - Visionaries, Leadership & saying goodbye to colleagues. Booked tickets to see Beres Hammond

Over this past week, I've being doing a lot of reflection because I went for a leadership course. My professional body held one for managers and because at some point I aspire to be one, I thought I would go along to see what it was all about.

It was excellent. We had two very good speakers and I left not only motivated but also equipped with tools that would help me. So my takeaways or understanding on a personal level was having a vision was very important. Well I'm the here and now person, especially over the last few years when circumstances were difficult and I was unable to think long term. It was more getting out of a situation.

However, when I reflected on this course, I realised we have visions. We are all VISIONARIES. Maybe not on a Steve Jobs level but we all think long term. Why? Because we all ASPIRE. We have ASPIRATIONS.  From those aspirations come our visions. So I was happy in that thought. Yours may be different. But sometimes it's very overwhelming to think in Visionary in terms. Even knowing what you want. However we as humans are aspirations.

This was where the crutch of the matter came for me. We all have different but familar aspirations. What motivates us are all different. So I'm not really motivated by money but security. It's not a bad thing but it does means I'm likely to stay in a bad situation longer until it really becomes bad. Truly bad.

I also aspire to be a writer. So I spend a lot of money on courses, workshops, then a lot of time writing. My main aspiration is writing. I also like to shop in nice places. So I shop in Waitrose mostly.  I also like nice shoes and bags. Note not clothes...but leather goods. So I have a range of designers shoes and bags. Put it this way most of my bags and shoes come with cotton bags.

This is where my motivation is. Writing. As for career, I'll do what I can to provide myself a better life style but it's not main aspiration for now.

Said Goodbye to Colleague.

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One of my favourite colleagues has found an awesome job closer to home so it was his leaving do. We had cake, and went to pub after work.  It was a really trendy pub called the Hemmingway in Hackney. On Victoria Road.

They played opera music in the toilets. They also had quite a few stuffed animals around.

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Having lunch with former colleagues

I also caught up with my former colleagues. It was awesome place to work, with premises in the city. When we met up, I realised how much I missed them and the surroundings. The only different in my new job is more money and I deal with a larger budget. But my former work place was lush. Gosh, it was even used on a TV show. That swanky. Yeah. Oh, yeah.

So everyone is doing so well, and looking forward to new and different adventures in life.  Our then little intern who is a massive Beehive, yes, Beyonce Fan, has blossomed under the guidance of my former colleague to an awesome, confident and sophisticated professional. So, yeah, I was so excited to see them! And she did go to the Beyonce concert which she said was awesome. Well she is a beehive!

Hair Dresser and the beehives.

I went to see my hairdresser early, and they were talking about Beres Hammond coming to the UK. So I’ve booked tickets to see him and will be updating my blog on that. You know I saw Ghostface Killah and Busta Rhymes. Apparently Busta must have got better after I left.

Anyway before I digress off point,  I also booked Beres Hammond tickets for my mother and sister too. So it should be good. Some of stylists had also gone to see Beyonce. Yes, the world is full of Beehives. They also said it was awesome.

So yes, that was pretty much my week.

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