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Mid year Goal Review from Goals set in January 2016

Oh dear, yes, I thought I should do one. I'm sheepish about it because frankly a lot of things have dropped off the way side.

So I set a few goals in January which I publicly blogged about. As normal with these things real life gets in the way and things happen. I had very grand plans....oh well let's see what happened.

List of 2016 Goals

  1. Lose weight - at least two stones (28lbs or 12kg)  this year
  2. Become an associate in my profession
  3. Publish a short story
  4. Complete two course-related writing projects
  5. Good me time.
This is the original post.

Lose weight

Well, none. I'm still overweight, not going to the gym and not doing much about it. Worse still, I'm still paying for a weight weight's subscription though I stopped going months ago. So I need to cancel that and reconsider what it is I really want. I've lost enough so my feet don't hurt anymore when I stand or walk.  I can walk longer distances probably about a mile uphill at a reasonable pace.
Or running for 15-20 minutes at a medium pace on a treadmill. So I'm okayish. Not like proper fit but okayish with extra pounds.

Will I be losing weight?  I don't know. It's completed because I don't really cook and I eat in the my work place restaurant. Also there is always someone having a birthday at work.

Become a Chartered Associate

Yes, I did so now I'm officially a Chartered Associate of a globally respected professional body with letters after my name. Yay! Gosh, I cannot tell you have relieved and happy I am after years of hard work. Yes, I did it!

Publish a short story in a magazine.

Hmmm....I may have to deferred this until next year. So much is going on. I thought I would have the time but no.  I did go for two workshops regarding writing these and both where very useful however with other commitments I'm not sure. We'll see.

Complete two course-related writing projects

I completed the first in March. It was a writer's polishing course associated with editing my novel reading for publication. The course was challenging but useful. How useful I'll have to see when I start writing. I also have another one in the background. This is distance learning course I've been doing on and over for nearly a couple of years. I'll have to finish it before November when it runs out and I'll have to pay more money. So these are on target.

Final word

I achieved the biggest goal which was becoming an associate. I'm sure you'll have read about it in most blog posts. Its such a huge personal deal to me. It took me YEARS!

It got to the point I was embarrassed with people asked if I'd qualified and all I could say was uh....not yet. Being dyslexic didn't help though I was given lots of support in terms of extra time and the body arranged special centres for us to sit at.

Professional qualifications aren't like academic qualifications. They are more challenging in some respect and also have to fitted into real life.

A number of times I couldn't even sit exams due to work commitment or at times I didn't have enough study time off because it busy work periods. So yes. I'm still fat or overweight but happily qualified.

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