Why I blog and other things.

I like writing. I guess that is the main reason. I've always wanted to be a writer and having finished my first book, I need to take a break from it. I guess I also write because I want people to read. So that is the main reason for blogging to. I have a number of blogs. One to do with writing on Word Press, this is just something I'm doing by the way.

However blogging at times makes me feel my life is boring. Since I mostly talk about transport, what I eat at lunch and coming back home. Mundane. Not exciting at all. Boring.

I read other people's blog and think awesome. Amazing. That is so cool. All I really like to do is draw, yes those bold stylishly ugly drawings are mine. You can probably tell. I have a few on instagram. I also like to sing which I rarely do nowadays. I also used to cook and do crafts.

I work. Yes, that takes up most of my time, and studying for a professional qualification. I still have one more stage to complete - which was the personal goal I was talking about in the other blog post. It's probably the hardest stage of all since I have no guidence but I shall soldier on. To become an assoicate of any professional body is hard work.

I watched some TV yesterday about an animal referral centre. Basically an animal hospital. Not something I would normally watch but one of my characters has a pet cat that is injuried. So that programme gave me an appreciation of how to deal with the scene. I'm still thinking of what names to use. I thought Mango.

Apart from completing my qualification, I have some other projects on the go, which need to be done before a deadline, plus I need a social life. So much to do. So much.

One thing at a time I'm told. It's hard. But what is most important and will reap the best benefits? Well from this end it's completing my qualification. I'll get a personal and professional satisfaction from that. Down side - it's tedious and cumbersome to do. Maybe even boring, but I enjoy the practicalities of it.

I'm thinking maybe I should plan my blogs but then it ceases to be organic and more manufactured. This is also just a nearly daily blog.


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