Pret mushrooming all over London, Walk by the River, Goal settings, business plans and eating cake.

This morning I found another sign for Pret. Do we really need another Pret in my area? They are becoming like McDonalds. Then again I think at some point McDonalds had shares in them but then sold them to a private equity firm. Not sure. Anyway it's a very aggressive expansion underway.

Took pictures of the hoardings.

After which I took a walk down Bankside to get to my morning meeting. It was cold and rather crowded. I sort of took the wrong route to where I was going.

At my meeting, I had the good fortune of meeting with two savvy professionals in a super brand. It was great because one of gave me some sage technical  advice. It was like a light switched on, so I was about to see things from a different perspective. So I took a lot more and also a way to understand more depth what I was doing. It was fairly simple and basic but it changed my perspective of how I thought about things.

Now of some goal setting. I have lot of plans and things to do so I need to stream line all these goals - since overwhelms.  My friend is the same, so we have decided to do goal setting together. Yes, with check in days and no excuses. It's very scary since we are both gobby - that is loud.

As you probably guessed I write. And now I want to develop a plan to sell my books. However I'd rather self-publish and I need to have a plan for that. My friend is very creative and talented at many things so now it's narrowing it to what she wants to take forward.  Same with me.

So it will be interesting going forward. As I said it just to check in to see how far we have gone with out plans.

Nothing much happened at work today. Had lunch - quiche and salad. And some kinda pudding. It was nice.

Now off to bed. I have a big day tomorrow as I'm travelling for the day.

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