Super Delicious food at my family's, Super busy today, Super Tired tonight.

Woke up slightly later this morning but still pondered about. Now reading some book on business which was talking about leadership. This book has to do with me trying figure out my self-publishing path.

Apparently I needed a vision, an idea and belief. Right. Okay that seems simple to me. But what is a vision? Isn't it just seeing something. Not sure. Idea? Hmmm. Belief? In what. Anyway left the house and it's autumn.

This is a picture of the leaves the gardeners were clearing in the local park.  They racked leaves into piles.

Work was super busy. Well sort of. Lots to do! I had jerk chicken for lunch which was nice. Good. Then visited family and the family's neighbour had bought down some food. Okay back up. I rang family from home to find that SuperCook neighbour had bought down some food. So I made a point of visiting.

This is a picture of some food I took home. It was that good, I had to take some home.

YUM! DELICIOUS DELICIOUS SUPER DELICIOUS. My family neighbour can cook. Oh yeah.

Nothing else. Apart from I need a holiday. I'm working on that in a day. It's just life is super busy with lots of stuff going on at home and work. Maybe next week. Definitely having Christmas off.

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