Rainy day, don't talk to colleagues before their morning coffee. Focus on one goal at a time.

It rained. So grey and miserable this morning. And there was traffic. Got the train and yet the normal gripe of idoits not moving down the carriage. Don't get me started. Finally got a seat, read the paper. Got worse when I went to work. Why? I spoke to one of my colleagues in the kitchen before her morning coffee. Thick black coffee - no sugar. Mistake. Big mistake, so I retreated back to my office.

Lunch was find but I ate too much. I think this fasting on lower calories days have shrunk my stomach. I had the full meat with roast potatoes and chocolate sponge cake for pudding. The cake was nice. The meal was nice. But I think I over stretched myself.

My coffee-drinking colleague who is a foundation of wisdom always advised me to do one thing at a time. As you know I have many projects on the go. So today longer after she'd had her morning coffee, she reminded me about it again. Start and finish. So I've decided work on completing a personal goal and put a hold on other projects until that is done.

Heard some posh couple talking about going up the Shard. One in a fine orginal burberry duffel coat was agast that it cost £50 - for him and his partner. His partner was trying to sell it to him saying to was the 'experince' but he wasn't buying it. Basically he wasn't going to pay all the money for a view, experince or no experience. He wasn't keen.



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