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Pub Grub, Time Management and Goal Shock, the rush to completion.

I'm doing my yesterday entry now. Was too tired. Anyway I think I said how AGG (Accounting Guru Genius) showed me how to plan. Well I got into my time management and goal setting big time and found out I was overwhelmed with things!

Yes! I'd put on too many things that could not be achevied in the time I wanted. Fair enough saying if you can concieve it, you can acheieve it but one needs to be realistic about these things. I found out after putting in my work hours, travel time, eating, chores, wind down (don't do much of that), I only had a window of a few hours a day. I hadn't even accounted for family time, nor social activities.

Then I realised a course I was doing was about to finish. This is something I'd never found the time to do. So obviously I've escalated that to high piority - see my talk now, talking about piortiies, and I hope to finish it soon.

So that was my day yesterday doing things on my plan in a realistic way. Oh boy, slightly overwhelmed with how I'm going to achieve all my goals but it's a matter of realistic sheduling so at least there is movement. So the dreamer becomes a doer and achiever. Because of this, I've had to length the time of my goals, so it's no longer the short term. Then again I used to have a list of goals that would take me ages to complete.

So for my personal goal, I'd sheduled December - ha! Not a chance, so I'd given myself until March but that felt demotivating - however that is the longest it should take me with the time I have. So I'm looking for end of Jan.

But my course that finishes next month, I was far out on that, I need to turn around in three weeks time. This impacts other. Then again I sheduled un realistically to finish it in last July. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Goals are no longer paper.

Went to the local pub with family and had a drink with dinner. The food is good. Ham, eggs and chips. I know not too good for my diet - which has kinda fallen by the way side with Christmas and all the activities at hand. Maybe I should put that in my time planning. Discussed my latest writing project. It's about a young couple, I guess with the age range it will be more New Adult but a bit more edgy.

This is part of a series on a family of brothers. This particular one is the youngest and a spoilt brat to boot. He's served some time on the inside and has been released with plenty of bad attitude. The heroine is a simple girl but caught up with lost of real responsibility so it will be interesting to see how it develops.

I'm taking a break from critiquing so I can move on with my other projects. I'm even taking a break from editing my current novel though I'll have to shedule in some time for that. I've decided to cut the novel into two or three parts so I'm that means writing bits to make the story feel natural. I may even add other bits in.

I still visit the site just to see what's happening but it seems pretty dull at the moments - I think the forums, someone made a comment about it and got lots of response. Another thing was people asking stupid questions for self validation. Normally on race. Which reminds me of a Hot Topics segment I watched by Wendy Williams,the former radio DJ now talkshow host. You either like or loathe her or a bit of both. Wendy can be a bit mean at times, well very mean but she's also entertaining and funny. Anyway it was about Taye Diggs and his son. So Taye, stupidly, bought TMZ and that is the whole world into his family life. His kid is mixed so he's like he doesn't want anyone calling his kid black, African American or whatever. Fair enough. Not a big deal. I don't see why he needs to make such a statement to TMZ. This is how these guys bring the public into their private lives and start complaining about press intrusion.

Anywho. Wendy says that's fair enough until the kid is driving on the highway and the police pull him over. The police are only going to see a black boy/man with texturised hair. Now she's making a blanket statement about the police here but you get her point. They are asking for licenses and registration, or asking him to step out of his nice car, while waving others by, he won't have time to telling them his mama is white. I thought that was interesting. Then she named a few big stars who didn't seem to have an issue with being black. For example I have a cousin much much fair than Taye Digg's child.

I think this conversation says more about Taye Diggs than anything else. Oh well, love to hear his issues on height too. Taye Diggs is one actor who just never reached its full potential. Funny that, so reduced to giving TMZ statements. Not even the Kardashians do that.

Anyway Wendy's parting words were something like this - You chose to be who you are, however also be aware how the world see you.

I watch Wendy's segment from time to time. I don't always agree with her (impossible), however in some moments she can be thought provoking. She is also comfortable in her own skin, you know she gets a lot of abuse thrown at her, but then she does give so I guess it's the nature of her game. You can catch her on Youtube.


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