My day of spreadsheets.

Listening to music today while doing my work. Spreadsheets. Who loves spreadsheets? My day was one long spreadsheet of columns, rows and clicks. Yeah, that deep.

My choice of spreadsheet was excel. I prefer that. At times I've tried google doc spreadsheet but I'm truly an Excel spreadsheet person. That is my

Nothing today. Work up early. Did work. Lots and lots and lots of spreadsheets. Lots! Had last night curry for lunch. It was yummy. Back to work with spreadsheets and more spreadsheets. At some point I opened a Word document just for variety. Then I made a table in it which defeated the point since basically spreadsheets are made of tables. One huge enormous table. So back to spreadsheets.

Quite a boring day, unless you are into to spreadsheets. I'm not, but work is work and what must be done must be done.

Yeah, no nothing about food, or travel or anything like that. Just Spreadsheets.

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