NaNoWriMo #1 - keep writing - get a plot and story line.

So today is the first day. Good luck all! I thought this may be a little help for those who still don't know what to write.  Get a favourite record, or any record and look at the song headings at the back of it.
Or you could simply just go to iTunes or Amazon. I'm using Beyonce's 4

  1. Love On Top
  2. Party (feat. André 3000)
  3. Schoolin' Life
  4. Countdown
  5. I Miss You
  6. Dance For You
  7. I Care
  8. Rather Die Young
  9. 1+1
  10. End of Time
  11. Run the World (Girls)
  12. Best Thing I Never Had
  13. Start Over
  14. I Was Here
Now you have fourteen chapters and the goal is about 3572 words per chapter. All you need to is keep writing until you hint that word could, think of what could happen in the next chapter as a prompt. Will it make sense at the end? I don't know but you need to try and perhaps discover some goal.

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