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Hello all.

Happy New Year!

So last year was awesome for me because I managed to achieve one goal. The biggest goal which was to get a new job. And that came with financial reward as well. Yay! It was hard, challenging, horrible. I hate change but I had to get out of the rut I was in. Dudes, I was desperate to move. So I dug deep, did my interview practice, attended a number of interviews and hit one. Yay.

Now longer gaming. I didn't need the escapism with my new positive work environment.

I also abandoned the iPhone family and went Android. To cut a long story short, I got bought an iPhone 8 but it was faulty - however Apple weren't transparent about their return policy - ALWAYS ASK ABOUT RETURN POLICY. Nor did they believe the phone was faulty. It was. Anyway I was so disgusted the arrogance of the 'apple people', I decided instead of getting a replacement to spend my money elsewhere. I'm still part of the Apple family. But the Apple Store sales assistants left a sour taste in my mouth. But who cares? After all iPhones are practically licenses to print money, what does one lost sale mean?

So I've lost all my apps but I'm happy learning the Android way. So that was 2017 for me.

These are four of my 2018 goals

  1. Lose 10kg about 20lbs because I want to wear all my old clothes. I've got some really nice clothes and I can't afford to by that quality at the weight I am in now - a whole wardrobe of office clothes that would come in useful in my new role.
  2. Take packed lunch in for the next six months. This is pretty hard because I have a little more disposable cash so I spend.
  3. Publish my novel and at least a short story in a pay market.
  4. Get out of being a social recluse and workaholic and socialise more. This is even more so because I tend to write after work. Also all my friends are living different lives, or moved away or lost touch. Now to be honest, I ain't talking internet social media social life. That I have. In fact plenty of, but I just feel I need to expand beyond the realms of work and social media.
  5. Do a blog post at least once a fortnight.
How am I tracking all this?

Well I just found out about the bullet journal which I'm trying out for six months. I'm so excited about it, and I even showed a close relation. and there are a few on youtube.

So far so good.

Other news

I've closed down my other word press blog because I wasn't updating it as much. It was suppose to be for writing and book reviews but I've decided to stick with this.

Expectations for this blog

Nah. I'll try and do a post a week. I can track that down. Yay.

So lets roll into 2018.

Best wishes

Anna (aka B) Day xx


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