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Daily Writing Journal:Fridays Mo Money 52 Challenge & personal finance Week 14. Nearly didn't make it but got £14!

I've been getting disillusioned and bored with this challenge. I wish I could say how simple it was and inspire others but I think (note my personal opinion) a waste of time. Rather than pulling off a saving plan off a random blog like I did, I suggest get some advice from a published personal finance book from a reputable writer - buy or borrow from a library or get advice from a reputable personal finance website better still go the bank or credit union. NOT A BLOG.  This is crazy and unsustainable! It really it. Anyway Rant over!

Moving on,  I managed to find some money otherwise I consider putted an IOU to myself. I got five twenty pence pieces giving a pound, five ten pence pieces giving fifty pence. Then three fifty pence pieces and a pound coin....all in all giving me four quid. Yes, quid is short form for pound sterling.

Here is the money jar. I'm not sure when I'm going to the bank. My next deposit is going to be £15. I guess it gets harder after £20. However before that I still have to save a lot. I was going to show the plan and calculation of how this was still....Like for the five weeks until week 19, I'm going to save £50 in ten pound, £25 in five pound and   £10 in increments. So that will be about £85! Come on now.

Let me break this down

  • 15 = 10 + 5
  • 16= 10 + 5 + 1
  • 17= 10 + 5  + 2
  • 18 = 10 + 5  + 3
  • 19 = 10 + 5  + 4

So this is how I got it. Sneakly right? Adding all the 10s gives 50, adding the 5s give 25, adding all the single digits 1 to 4 give 10 the total is £85 over five weeks. Understand? There is a reason my most never complete the challenge. Imagine when it gets up the 20s, 30s, 40s...Who has the kind of cash? What I am? Working on the street corner?

So basically, I'm expected to save £85 in the next five weeks. At first when I jumped in it sounded like pocket change challenge but no it isn't. I guess I could look at it seriously from my pay-packet but this was supposed to be fun! I could do a four week saving schedule and plan ahead - it may mean giving up things. I have been doing some of that.

We'll see. So I guess it's possible but you need to plan...I'll give an alternative plan of how you can see it and plan for challenges along the way rather than just thinking week by week.


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