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Daily Writing Journal: show me your desk & Novel editing progress update

So I finally cleared my desk. The dark spots are from pencil and sketching at my desk, so it probably needs a good scrub but I couldn't find my duster.

I cleared my desk to start on my next lesson of editing which I didn't do because I thought it was busy work. Yes, it seems out of all the lessons the last ones have been rather disappointing from my point of view. It is probably very good for some but I find it a lot of busy work of stripping something to rebuild it again. However I guess it's a valid method but not for me. Week ten of editing and I haven't done much.

The course focuses on story structure which I already have. So I'm holding out for lesson 12 where I deal with plots. And if that doesn't work then it will probably from lessons 15. However, I'm definitely looking forward to lesson eighteen onwards when I get the real deal for myself.

However because I've been disappointed for the last few weeks probably I've being considering other projects and working on what they call a 'reader's magnet' but mostly something for my newsletter sign-ups.

 So 'I'd gone back to basics to write a new romance, and I realised what was wrong with my present one Leyton and Angelica -why I was having problems fixing it. So now I know what's wrong, I need to find a way to correct it.

So while I wait for the parts of the course I signed up for. You know the parts that made me think, yes, the sounds good. I'll work on the other bits.

If you do read my blog, you'll have seen my goals. Well apart for getting this one ready for publication, I also want to write two short stories - maybe longer about 12k words each so novella length. We'll see.


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