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#51 Daily Writing Journal: Mo Money Challenge - The 52-week money challenge

I found this challenge on the Budgetnista web site and it sounded interesting. At first I came up with a whole load of excuses not to do it ranging from not having a account, not sure how to do this, time etc etc. Then I found a simpler challenge but a challenge is a challenge so I went back to this.

The 52-week money challenge

Every week I save the week number's cash. Now I'm starting at week 7 so I'm am going to be £21 behind. Note I'm working in GBP or Pound Sterling. I may or not may it up weeks 1 to 21. 

Budgetnista recommends opening up a savings accounts and automating the transfers, and I do too. However for the purposes of blogging  about it, because it's a challenge, I'll be using a tin and once in while I shall make a trip to the bank to make the deposit.

My Savings

Today I saved £7, which meant I've committed this money to the tin. It was all in coins, now going forward there may be a problem with this as the ATM only gives notes - normally in £10 & £20 denominations. My time for catching the banks will be on Saturday - unless I put in coins and swap for coins. Oh, it's so confusing in a way. I guess it's tidier to go with automated transfer for 52 weeks - well less since I started in week seven but there is the drama in that. 

So these are my coins ready to be put in the tin.

52 week money tin
 This is my tin. I found this tin rummaging through my kitchen. I didn't want to use it but decided it was part of the commitment to this blog. I might consider decorating it at some point.  Or I might get a glass tin. It just depends. That is easier to show.

Money in the tin so I guess it until next week. 




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