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#49 Daily Writing Journal: 2019 Blog Schedule, my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica Progress!

 2019 Blog Schedule!

I did it. I made a rough schedule. It's not pretty like in a planner with nice washi tape but I did it! So this is what I'm proposing.  Note there was a bit of time lag with most posts, because it had my timezone as Pacific Standard Time. I do GMT - so that has been corrected.  


Monday - show me your desk!
This is where I show you my desk and describe or give information on one thing. It might even inspire me to keep a clean desk policy. 

Wednesday Film, Movie 0r Boxset Night
Any movie - DVD, cinema, on demand, new or old stuff. This is where I write about a movie  or box I  recently watched. 

Saturday - My London Hood
This just forces me go out and take a picture of the magical city that is London. So it will be random. Very random. I'm not promising.

Sunday - Novel editing progress update
This is when I get the new lessons delivered so I'd be doing this. I'm still going to be doing this when I can but this will be the main topic. 


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

These days will have  either randomly challenges prompts I picked up on the pinterest or on the internet. They aren't in date but they will do as a starting point. To be fair most of them are similar.

30 days of me challenge - not sure what month...I was thinking March but that can be busy.

One month creative challenge. 

What missing? BOOKS!

No books..yes, I haven't got a book challenge set up. I guess I could clear out my Kindle and bookshelf of un-reads books. I do read but I post my reviews on Goodreads. But I guess I could always post a review once I'm done with a book. No harm.

Other considerations & takeaways From blog planning 

Planning a blog is hard work so I'm impressed with all those who do it and STICK to it. My main takeaways from the process

Blog design
I'm actutely aware that my blog may need a redesign to help with displaying blog posts. I do like the old fashion blog design but it seem clunky. I do have in mind a format but I can't get distracted thinking about this now. I did try the old designs but the picture widths are too large. Don't know. I need to rethink this but not just now.

Clean up categories 
This will take awhile. 

Blog Timing & time zone
It was down as Pacific Standard Time but I've corrected that.

I'll post a clean version of the schedule when I get round to it.

When do I start? Well Tomorrow is as good as any day

my urban lit African American romance - Leyton and Angelica Progress!

I've made some progress though I don't think I've caught up on lost time. I need a little bit more conflict and it's kinda of slow. The pace is very slow and pedestrian for now. 


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On holiday And Vacation in Alcudia,Mallorca

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