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#26 Daily Writing Journal - Flash fiction about cleaning and personal hygiene.

At noon, Bob with a stalk of paper in his hands ran up the green staircase with gleaming bannister. He knew he was ugly but today he felt like Prince Charming. He was a tall, lanky and fair lad, with  a sweaty body odour and poor personal hygiene.  At the top of the staircase, he confronted his reflection in a full length mirror. Today he'd taken his first bath for three weeks and wore freshly laundered clothes. He even used deodorant. Today was special.  Pleased with his appearance, he turned left into the first room.

He saw a pretty woman with long blue hair, sitting on an unmade bed. Freezing with knotted nerves in his belly, teeth clenched, he managed to grunt hello.  Shelia his beloved. His one true love.  His queen.  Flicking her hair back, Shelia stood and shook his cold sweaty hand. He moved closer, hesitantly,  and embraced her in a warm hug.

'Will you marry me now?'

Shelia stepped away from their hug, and raked her eyes over him. His clean scent invading her nostril but to her surprise he smelt pleasant. Sexy even.  'Keep up the good hygiene practice for a month and then I'll reconsider.'

The end.


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