John Lewis Christmas Shop pictures. Lots of Halloween people

I went to the West End to get a soft light bulb. I got a daylight one and the light is too harsh. Visted John Lewis’s Christmas Shop. See the pictures from it.

 I got my light bulbs but didn't get a bag. Not at 5p. No way, it's just another government tax so it doesn't need to support charities or while charities take on the government's responsibility. Got my own bag from Sainsburys, which I can exchange for free.

 Lots of people in fancy dress going to parties. No one does Guy Forkes Night anymore. Shame really. I mean there is still bon fire night but it's not as big as it used to be. Now it's all commercialisation make money with Halloween season. The shops and clubs make more money. 

Went to Superdrug and got some face cream - night and day  and floss

Walked a bit and my feet are killing me. Things they don’t tell you about when you got obese. I can’t even bend now. One of my knees is very painful and it really hurts. It’s the weight. Eat less I hear people say. If only it were that simple. 


Nothing more. 

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