Black History Month, eating donuts and listening to Charlie Sloth on BBC 1 Xtra

The latest celeb gossip is about Beyonce and her age. Okay. Big deal. So what? Who cares?

Woke up twice this morning before time. The first time, I worried about a work task, the second time I though I needed to stock on fruit and veg.

It was dizzling today when I went to work. Work was okay. Lunch is okayish - the quiche was salty, ands wasn’t  impressed by pudding so didn’t have any. 

 Had a black history month event on Windrush, and a few speakers. It was good. Had to do a labourous and tedious task, so put on my earphones and listened to BBC 1 Xtra only for Head Huncho, the guv’ner to come in. Explained I needed music in the background otherwise the would drag on. That’s how we roll. I listened to the top 100 ‘radio friendly’  version of Hip Hop turns, and was surprised that playa’s athem wasn’t on it.

Then I turned into Charlie Sloth, and made progress on the rest of my task. Happy to say, I’d done nearly half and will complete them tomorrow. As for Charlie Sloth, I’m thinking does his size have anything to do with name.

Someone left donuts in the kitchen so me and colleagues dived into them. After that I made my way to the gym for a work out session. I did the cross trainer for all of fifteen minutes on like a least resistance, only for a woman to step on next one and pump away like it’s nothing on resistance of 10!

Went to Sainburys and go some spinach, avocado and pasta, and my favourite cake-bread Panettone! I love this stuff. Christmas is round the corner.

Yeah that’s all. Obesity drive not going so well if I’m tucking into Panettone but it is what it it .Yeah, I know the picture is mirror image, but that's how the camera worked.


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