Day of Reflection and shopping for soup condiments.

I'm working on this one sentence project - which can be also a few more. Just liked this picture.

Woke up early and did some critiquing on the Scribophile.  Went for a walk and ended up in the supermarket, and did some reflection on what next while eyeing stuff up in  M&S and Sainsburys. Bought some golden delicious apples, hot sauce (made with scotch bonnets) and some cereal. Took the bus home, did some critiquing on Scribophile. Had some banter with the witty Flutterer of Eyelashes - the writer Emily B. She's all about beta men reigning in Romance. After that decided it was time to make some soup for the week,  so went to get some supplies. Got an onion squash since it was cheaper than butter squash, it's looks a but odd. I'm going to make some soup.

Did a blog entry about editing my novel on wordpress.

I guess that was it.  Did a bit more but sticking to the One sentence r

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