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2019 GOALS Quarter 1 January-March Review.

This is a review of goals/resolutions I set in January in the below blog post.  t and basically I'm just going to write under my reviews under the headings. For some reason, I only listed 9.

2019 GOALS Quarter 1 January-March Review.

1. Get a new role - this is urgent and top priority Achieved 

I was on a contract and it came to an end. It took me sometime because I was wrapping up in my old role, then I fell ill, (you can check out those blog posts). It was hectic but I had strong support around me so it worked out well. I was hoping my contract would be extended but it wasn't as I really liked where I worked so it was tough but I got there in the end. I was blessed to get a new role!

2 Publish Leyton and Angelica's story

The editing is currently in process - check out my Sunday posts, I probably have to do a better schedule. I hope to publish in the late Summer, early fall.  I'm thinking of outlining a better plan but I'll see.

3 Do at least three CPD - for career development - I was a bit lax last year because my employer supplied them.

CPD means continuous professional development. I was actually talking to my colleagues about this, so I'll have to see what's on offer. So definitely on my to do list.

4. Romance? Maybe. We'll see. I had one in 2017 - not so good. But maybe again.

Hmm....I can't believe I put my business out there.  I'll leave you guessing....

5. Lose another 5-6kg so about 13-15lb. I'm currently 79kg which is roughly about 174 pounds. So I'm looking at becoming about 160 pounds.

Yes, I need to focus on this, though I have been going to the gym.

6 Revise all my creative writing courses exercises & grammar

I do these on and off. So I'm not sure if it's worth putting on as a goal. Maybe I need to have an outcome?

7 If I'm good, maybe treat myself with another writing course. Achieved

Done! I've just completed a workshop today. I'm not sure this is a goal since it's something I do at least once or twice a year.

8 Explore other creative avenues open to me.

Yes, I'm drawing so I guess that counts but will review this. As discussed, I'm working through a manga drawing workbook so it's working.

9. Complete 20 books in my goodreads authors account, and probably 12 in my normal joe-blogs reader's  - no duplicating. 

I actually put a 20 book target in my normal accounts so I'm looking at 40 books this year. I've done two in my author account and 8 in my normal account.

2019 Writerly Goals 

  • Publish two stories either in novel/novella form

This includes Leyton & Angelica, so I need one more. 

  • Write a spin off short story to two books - the first from Another Chance, second is a spin off from Leyton & Angelica (working title)

Yeah, I am thinking about it.

What going well?

I achieved the most important one, so that was good.  I had to looked at the employment cycles within my industry and profession - it's can be seasonal and I was thinking April or May which was scary. Or moving out of the industry into something else but that meant getting stuck.  Then I was budgeting to see how long things to last, also started to tighten my belt. But it worked out! 

What not going so well/room for improvement?

I think it may help if my goals were qualitative or measurable. Some of them are pretty vague so its nard to know if I've actually achieved them or not. So I think I'll need to put down a specific indicator or target. Or something. Those are probably just #6 & #8, so I'll be revising them at some point.  A little more time practicing following a planning may be needed on my part. 

Going forward

I started with 9 goals so I have 7 left and 1 where I'm not disclosing the status. I discussed a planning tool I discovered so I'll be using this plan some of goals so it's not so random. Anyway, I'd do the next review at the 6 month mark so I'm looking at the end of June. If I do plan it will probably be on paper but I'll definitely show and still. 

I'm thinking of having a page with my goals. Maybe not. This is enough.  I'll see. 

Comments? Do you review, revise or change plans? Reflect on them? I've only started to do that recently and normally I give myself too much....


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