DRAMA! Kodak Black's says he doesn't like black girls....

from twitter

 Atlantic records

So? And? Why is this relevant? Whose oxygen supply was cut off because of this? Who died because Kodak Black says he isn't into black girls? 

Please. Shake my head. I saw the video and it was a comment made in passing. He wasn't derogatory, he wasn't mean, he wasn't shady. He was saying it in context to a Q&A with his fans. 

But for those black girls whose life ambition is to become Kodak Black’s baby momma. They find him so sexy and they want to have his babies. There is still hope. Just get him super drunk and bag him; or just upgrade him to someone who is actually SOLVENT NOT HYPE and will actually pay those child support cheques/checks. 

Apart from his fangirls dreaming of him being their baby daddy, why should the rest of us care about Kodak Black’s preferences in women? Please.

And to be fair on him - he did say - kinda, sorta.  He's the kind of cat that talks but takes whatever is available. So potential Baby Mommas don't worry just have a PLAN even if he's saving himself for a Jenner. 

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