Weight Loss: Weekly Goal Results and What Next

Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone had a good week! So let's get down to it. I didn't hit the target as I planned I would. I weight myself today and I'm 81.4kg which 179.5lb so I lost half a pound. Is it worth it? I don't know but let's examine my reasons why.

So in my previous post, I mentioned my risk areas - supermarkets, working late and not planning meals but let's see what happened.

What Went Well?

I had breakfast most days, and didn't go into the supermarket near work for an breakfast pastry. I just walked past which is huge for me.

I was about navigate other supermarkets fairly well, just buying healthy food. 

What didn't go well?

I had a very busy week ahead with two critical job interviews and work deadlines. I'll cover that in another post. So I was pushing myself doing interview practicing, researching about the roles and etc. Anxiety and nerves got the better of me, and those impacted my eating habits.

What next?

I could plan but not sure with my present working schedule. Also I get fairly bored eating the same thing or to a set menu. However it will be good to see what happens next week.

Until then!


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