Save The Cat Method: My Novel/Novella

I've just read through my rough draft and I like it. It's fairly predictable in some parts but I don't think that's a bad thing since it's genre romance. I think right now it do I strictly follow the Save The Cat methology or do I just do my own thing. I'm also not sure how long it will be, right now I'm going for Novella lengths but who know it just depends on how many words are generated.

The thing is, even when I used to paint with numbers I also got a little bored and decided to do something different. The problem with my story is that I think it needs to be cut and then developed. I also need to make some changes.

I am fully aware that Save The Cat is for scripts and me being me I've skipped chapters one to three and started on chapter four which is where the structure is 'the beat sheet'.

Now that I have a rough draft do I horne it to the formular/beat sheet or do I do my own thing? Also bearing in mind this is a screen writing book and not written with novels in mind.

The Opening Image

I'm pleased with it though it meets none of the criteria given by Blake Snyder. Not at all. However it does match the Final Image funny enough so something must have sunk in. I think what I'll do is start to type it up and consider each scene/beat in those terms.

There are a few adaptations of Snyder's beatsheet for novels but I'm a sucker for pain, so I'm doing it the hard way. Yes, I am going to be ticking boxes with this one. Maybe allow myself some deviations but I'll see. I'm excited to be doing this.

Or maybe my Save The Cat will just turn feral.

I will be going through Save The Cat with a fine toothcomb and hope I hit the spots. It should be cool. Yay, let's see what happens. So excited at this project...



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