Novels - Too Many Works in Progress

Right now I've counted up to ten novels in progress and I still have a few more. So I've decided to take a course to see how it's going. Not sure what extactly I can do with all of them. The thing is that I wrote primarily for fun and for myself but now I'm thinking ok maybe I can revamp all this stuff and self publish. There are the why and why nots?

Where do I start? What do I do? Are they any good? Well, I biased so I'll say yes. Oh dear.

I'm currently in a workshop situation so I may just think it over. It's just a few changes here and there. Rewriting chapters. So need to think about that one. Getting plots in place and starting a writing habit. I have enough distance from most so I guess I can just start at some point.

They are all romance tryouts. So I'll look at the work and think about it. It's exciting in a way. The Sexy Black man is done.

However I still feel I could be writing a little more. I just need to get my goals aligned with everything. I'm so excited that I'm not sure where to start first.

Okay, I guess I just need to plan then decide.


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