Nearly completed first draft of Saving the Cat Novel - Just Final Image left.

Yay! I'm nearly done to the first draft of my Saving The Cat - structure Novel. This is awesome - see the words I'm using now. Really, it's a great feeling I just need a few more words and I'm in the reading stage. It is a very raw draft so I'm sure yet.
The end came up a bit blurrr but I think I'll change that. So do they end up together? I don't know. It's fun to say the least and refreshing I'm about to do this in this time frame.
A question posed by the online writing community/workshop I belong to (Scribophile) was did I want to hit a dead line or did I want a good book. Both I guess but I won't know until I've tried out.
Right now I've figured out my theme. I'm using the image of sexy black man in the pool. Yum. Let's roll with this.
Oh, just the normal compemtoary romance with a lot of sex. A family member says I write quirky books - yeah, I get board so alway have some screwed up theme going on. But I'm handing on to this template. Let's see how far I can use Blake Synder's Save The Cat.
Other news. I'm technically obese well I am, so I'm on a diet so I'm thinking should I write a book about a fat chick. Just checking...not sure...most of my heroines are normal - what ever the reader wants them to be but writing from a delibrate angle may be interesting. Then again maybe not.


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