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January Update: Doing composites, Ma and I on a weight loss meal plan, writing progress.

Photographing for Compositing in Photoshop by  Seán Duggan

This is a linkedIn learning course, I've just completed with an instructor called Seán Duggan who is very popular and good. This is the second one of his courses I've taken, and I've found it's best just to keep on going until something sinks in. This is just my version of his exercise. In the first course, I was taking notes, but then I realised it was a matter of practice, which meant doing one course after another.  

In the original exercise the model was standing on the rocks. I've just added a crypt, from a local part, then I've added more rocks to the picture. 

Granny in the bottle

This picture is from the same course but I decided to use a toy model which I took using my lighting cardboard studio, and then I just applied the techniques  in the class. As it can get boring just doing those exercises. 

Eating Plan 

My mother and I are on a meal plan, it's going to be a long term thing but so far she's lost 4lb or 2kg and I've lost about 1kg roughly 2lb. It's based on calories because to be serious its about eating habits. 
Note: Disclaimer this is not advice or a recommendation. I am not a healthcare professional, if you are going on a diet or eating plan please contact your doctor or healthcare provided. 

We have four calories tiers so 1,400, 1,500, 1,600 and for horrible days 2,000. It's not about crash dieting, or getting hungry, this is about the long term. 

We are using the NHS diet plan as a loose plan.

They recommend 1,400 calories which I think is good. The reason why we have more tiers is because this is a longer term eating plan, and there is more flexibilty. Also it depends on how overweight a person is in the beginning. 

So 2,000 is supposedly the normal calorie in take for an average active woman, whatever that is. So anyone eating less than that over the longer term should lose weight - with a caveat. So most crash diets are about 1,000 but unsustainable in the longer term - for most people. 1,200 is the average commercial diet but can still leave some hungry. 1,400 is slow but doable. 1,500-1,600 is for bigger people who don't want to feel deprived however as soon as they plateau in weight lost they may have to come down to 1,400. 2,000 is for those terrible days. 

2,000 is not EVERYDAY, or even ONCE A WEEK... It's just for those day when people feel whew...I need a day off. 

So it is going to take some time, and we'll see. So far, so good. Again, 
Again, please note. Disclaimer this is not advice or a recommendation. I am not a healthcare professional, if you are going on a diet or eating plan please contact your doctor or healthcare provided. 

Writing progress.

It's going well and steady. I realise, I'm a slow writer so I'm averaging one chapter a week so we'll see. I'm now on part three so I'm heading towards the midpoint. I'm probably thinking about 20,000 words but it might be less. It's quite tiring because I'm also developing the story as I go.

Thanks and keep safe everyone!


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