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Catching up - Life as an Associate, Seeing Ghostface Killah and Busta Ryhmes in London Concert

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while since I last blogged and journaled. About two months.

Life As An Associate

I became a qualified professional after a very long time of study, giving up wasn’t option since that was my professional. Anyway I’m still at my workplace, pay grade still the same but I’m still learning and development so not treading water in terms of that. I’m also more confident and without the burden of study, more relaxed. So it’s been good. 

I also had to do a continuous professional developments so I’ve attended a few interesting workshops -networking, leadership skills and productive ninja. I’ll make a note to post a few notes on them.

So far, so good. It’s nice to be qualified.

Interviewing Authors

This is huge! I’m going to doing a series of interviews on my blog from established  and new authors - mostly romance. It’s going to start next month, and I’m super excited about it. Right now I just need to figure out the date it will be published.

My first interviewee is yet to be confirmed but I’ll let you all know sooner the time.

New Writer

I’m also a writer and have a new novels brewing on the back burner. I just have a few commitments I need to push out of the way first, but I also have some interviews lined up on some blogs, if you want to see the writing side of me, please check those out.

Seeing Ghostface Killah and Busta Rhymes in Concert.

I’ve attended two concerts - one by Busta Rhyme. This was at the O2, Greenwich and it was okay. Let’s just say Busta Rhyme was having an off day. First the concert was delayed for an hour. The doors where supposed to open at 7pm, but instead we got seated by 9pm. The Dejay was amazing and kept us entertained with a good selection of tunes. 

But you know how these concerts are, guys get tanked up on beer and after a while there is a restlessness in the air. Finally he came on 10pm. He started off well but at some point he lost the essence of the show. What I mean is people started sitting down, some texting on their phones or making phone calls. Things that shouldn’t be happening at a concert.

He was trying his best but it just wasn’t happening. The first thing was his fitness. Hip Hop concerts are notoriously high energy gigs - a performer needs to be fit - mentally and physically to keep the crowd going. Any signs of flagging is no good.

He was overweight - he needs to Busta Gut -  and said he’d recently been ill. We suspected the delay was probably due to him psyching  himself up to perform before the crowd. A few left early and when I felt it wasn’t going to get any better, I left too.

He had a short European tour so I hope his next concerts where much better.

Overall it was okay but not what I expected from the Hip Hop Legend.

Wu Tang Scam!

I also got to see Ghostface Killah in concert at the Royal Festival Hall. He was excellent however in the middle of his set he allowed a young  unmemorable   protégée     to come on and start rapping some nonsense, then the kid started doing spoken word. Excuse me? Really? The worst of it was as the kid closed his set. The kid was so bad that he got booed off stage, then Mr Ghostface Killah started to lecture us about supporting talent. Excuse me, we didn't come to see some young rookie try his luck. If he was so good maybe let him start the show but in the middle of a legend's set. There is only one way for the mood to go. DOWN. Anyway in the middle of Mr Ghostface Killah's rant the lights came on to signal the end of the concert. There is no extended time in concert halls.

He left a rookie closed the show for him. That's all we remember.

Not a good finish, so some men started saying Wu Tang Scam! Worse of all because these Ghostface Killah arrived late on set, a lot of concert goers got really tanked up on beer. So the concert ended on an anticlimax and there was a general dissatisfaction in air, so much so a few fights broke up.  

So lesson and takeaways - artists should plan their sets before time. Or maybe they did who know?

Catch you later.



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