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It's been a while. What I'm up to....Cal Newport & productivity, Digital clean up, Posting my 2023 Goals Late.

I've not posted since October 2022, and it's not so much time, but having something to say. So I'll just give an update on what I'm up to.

Digital Clean Up


I'm presently cleaning out my google drive which is currently at 2.3GB but I'm not sure what it is made up of. I guess it's conference material, some backups of my novel, and just random stuff I save. A few shared files but I'm none the wiser. Maybe random pictures but this stuff goes back ten years or since Google gave me free space. The issue with space is that it gets used up. 

Cal Newport & Productivity

I'm listening to Cal Newport who is a productivity guru with a sense of dry humour. I find him entertaining. I listen to him on Spotify. But here are his details if you are interested in yet another person banging on about productivity. Note, he is a professor and academic so he knows what he is talking about. So with him, it's about 'lived' and 'academic' experience rather than inspirational.

He has philosophies on productivity and living a productive life,  and coins it the 'Deep Life', it sounds like a religions sect but whatever. Here is his main podcast portal but he is also available on youtube and other podcast platforms. 

He is a very practical and realistic person so not the follow your dream or passion with out a logical reason type of person.  He is very good, nice voice though a bit fast but great stuff. Check him out if you like listening to productivity. He has good ideas which others may find helpful. 

My novel-in-progress

What is the story
I've been working on this for a long time, years in fact so just to say, I'm still working on it. I've given myself so many deadlines over the years, that I'm playing it by ear this time. 

Posting 2023 Goals Late...

Goal Planning
    I can see I've not posted in months, well since October 2022 and a lot of things have happened but I'll post them now...  It's quite obvious, I just threw stuff together and was hoping for the best, so I'll do a review in June to see where I'm focusing. I tend to forget I work full time and writing is more or less a hobby.

Main goals - work on old pipeline material

  • Revise & edit novel-in-progress #1
  • Complete draft-in-progress # 2
  • Revise & edit draft-in-progress  # 3
  • Craft practice
  • Complete useful InfoStack products
  • Complete rest of 'writing to market' project, or something similar.

Stretch goals

  • Complete two storylines for spin off characters but - this can only be completed book  #1& 2 are completed as it relies on them.
  • Complete a very old draft-in-progress Noah & Kendra (mentioned in this blog) - I've written bits on scraps of paper or random note books which I have to find, so that makes it a stretch.
  • Revamp old draft-in-progress short stories for a particular market


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