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The Write Publish Profit 5.0. And My Earn $100 challenge!

Write Publish Profit 5.0

The InfoStack 

This is my second update and the jury is still out. I guess I got what I wanted because it gave me some grace with Scribophile which is six months and there are a few products I thought were worth getting in the package but nothing I would pay the full price for. Because let's face it you can get everything from free on the internet if you know where to look or are willing to go down some rabbit holes.. 

Let's face it with 52 products then an additional 18 for some reason there is going to be a lot of chaff. Now chaff and rubbish is relative so I don't want to shame people's products or hard work and others may find it useful,  therefore I'll just review what I found useful. Positive? I think so. There is too much nastiness in the world and I'm not about to contribute to it. 

HOWEVER and the caveat is I'm very unlikely to buy any of these products at the face value and I do think, my opinion, that some were specially made as lead-ins. 

My Earn $100 challenge! 

To work through the products I needed an incentive otherwise to be frank, I wouldn't so I put $100 as a goal but now I'm thinking I may been too ambition but more of that later.

Reverse Writing - Back Cover to Bestseller ebook + Workbook Esther Jacob, $29.99 Value

I thought this was a good starting point, however the work book was missing and though I contacted the organisers, infostack, it was never resolved or they didn't come back to me. It's more focused at non-fiction but after reading it, doing some research and chatting to a writer colleague on scribophile I decided to go done the path of least resistance and as romance writer, I decided to write explicit or erotic romance. I thought Sex Sells...well not really but that is a different story.

Reverse Writing is based on 'writing to market' and prepping before hand. I've had similar workshops based on this premise where basically the writing comes last, after all the planning. Does it work? I didn't follow it to the letter but it did give me the idea for a mini-project so it's okay. 

The Six Figure Author's Advanced Categories and Keywords Training Rebecca Hamilton $499.00 Value

This was a gem, a complete win for me. Because it was so useful, I had to watch it a few times to ensure  I understood. The only caveat is this information needs to be applied and it takes a lot of work to apply it and needs to be done consistently. It is also on facebook (so you need to be a member) and focuses on Amazon.
It does not give easy solutions or fixes, but I'll say the workshop or webinar was strong starting point to learning about categories and keywords. However again it did take time for it to sink it. Luckily, I'm publishing a short story series so I'm able to revise the steps. 

Note some of the information is a little dated but still applicable. But like everything once you know, you find out that it's there in the public domain. So definitely worth watching. But it's really about application and that can be tedious. 

How much have I made so far?

Not a lot.  I've only made 13% of my target so I have a long way to go. Because I'm writing explicit short romance because I fell for the Sex Sells thing...not this doesn't  for all, or for me. Also it's in a restricted category so Amazon does not allow any marketing. If my books were a bit longer it would fall under normal romance but those take time, and if you follow my blog, you know that I'm already writing a large romance which took me about three years. 

Other costs

To be transparent because I'm dyslexic I bought Grammarly for $108, otherwise I'd have to get others to check my work. Grammarly is more expensive I think but I hunted down a discount coupon. I'm on their mailing list because I subscribed for a month when I was first publishing even though I hired a copyeditor/proofreader. 

Being dyslexic, I miss out words when I get tired so I decided to update my Natural Readers. Normally I use the free voices which has a twenty minute free allocation, then they have High Fidelity voices. It was between that and Speechify but Speechify pricing model lacked transparency and their free days was only three and a person needed a credit card to activate it. I also heard complaints about their pricing model on forums, so I thought, I've been using Natural Reader for a long time, I subbed one for a month, so since I knew what I was getting, why not? Note this is not a recommendation. 

So my editors are Grammarly and Natural Reader which cost about $210 for the year. But we aren't thinking of that yet. Or maybe I should. Don't know. Maybe I should do some real number crunching and cover all outgoing costs apart from my time. 

Anyway I've just published book three in the series. You really don't want to know how hard it is to write to market but I'll cover that in another post.

List of Products Redeemed
  1. REDEEMED The Six Figure Author's Advanced Categories and Keywords Training
    Rebecca Hamilton
    $499.00 Value
  2. REDEEMED Scribophile Premium Membership (6 Months Access)
    Alex Cabal
    $66.00 Value
  3. REDEEMED Reverse Writing - Back Cover to Bestseller ebook + Workbook
    Esther Jacobs
    $29.99 Value


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