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December Update, Nation of the Great Unwashed and Smelly, Reviewing End of Year Goals, Christmas & Boxing day with family.

Nation of the Great Unwashed and Smelly

Grainy picture of man


I had locked myself out, so Sis kindly drove over to give me my spare keys. Anyway after waiting for an hour (due to traffic, diversions and slow drivers - 10 milers in a 20 mile zone) she turned up. After Sis gave a run down of her journey she started on lockdown and Nation of the Great Unwashed and Smelly, with most people working from home, it seems general hygiene standards may have dropped. Not that I noticed but then again I'm working from home....But apparently people aren't bathing or showering as much as they used it. 

Soap manufacturers are probably fine because they'll sell more hand wash, so it's just different products will do well.

Holiday Breaks

St Pancreas


I took a walk and saw big Coz - got him a nice trendy (I think so) flat cap from Thomas Farthing. A classic wide fit, so I hope he likes it. I was doing the last of the shopping, not knowing what to get when the salesperson caught my eye, and I liked the way it fitted on him, so I entered the shop.

Great service, they were extremely helpful, so that was one item crossed off my list. 

For family I got the wee one, a train set and her mother wanted some blackboard thing. For family friend's kids - teen was cash and younger one something crafty. Teens are hard to shop for, 

 Boxing Day

I had a peaceful holiday and saw the family on Boxing day. Started off to Sis's place at 6.15am because I wanted to take the bus. At some point, I questioned why I didn't use the taxi app (I'm not registered for Uber), because it was dark, and raining and I had washed my hair earlier that morning. 

I was about to call a cab when I saw my payment details had expired on the app so, I decided to walk to the bus stop. It was late, and I realised I had missed an earlier one. Anyway, it came along after a while...after I stood in the rain hoping my presents would not get wet. 

Finally boarded the bus and I went upstairs. I tried to do some writing but it was too much. The Westend was quiet though a few kids quened outside JD sports -yes for trainers and sneakers - this was about 6.45am. Don't mess with trainers/sneakers.

Sis is about 45 minutes trip (without traffic) from me, at some point a woman sat behind me. The top deck was empty save for another man. So there were three of us, yet she sat directly behind me. In this day of social distancing there are only two conclusions. 

Either she had it or  didn't care.  It doesn't make sense to since directly opposite someone on an empty deck, unless that was her favourite seat. Still. I don't get it. 

But even preCovid 19, there would be an empty deck and someone will decide to sit next to you or directly behind or in front. I don't know. 

I got off the bus and in the dark and misty morning, I got lost. I tried to use Googlemaps but that was useless. It's the second time I've tried it and it didn't work. I don't think it's an intuitive app. Or maybe the weather had affected it. Anyway, eventually I got there and had a good time.

Reviewing 2021 Goals

Know your Goals

The year had been very busy but regarding the goals, I sort of managed two out of three. 
1. Complete my novel-in-progress - though this carried over from 2019, I finally finished it in November. I mean a complete developmental draft. So there still work to be done. 

2. Weight loss - No, the lock downs and adjusting to working from home, has exacerbated the weight condition so I've probably put on more weight due to inactivity. I'm siting down for longer hours than I'm used it. I go for regular walks but it doesn't make up for walking up and down in the office. It's just hard to tear oneself away when engrossed but since working from home is becoming a long term thing, I'lll need to find ways to adjust.

3. Keep My CPD (Continuous Professional Development) up to date. I started but then stopped at some point. It fell off my radar and I forgot about it. I need to do some more updating before the end of the year.

Goal tracking Lessons

I guess my biggest lesson is while I'm okay with setting goals, I mean who isn't. They are basically glorified wishes, and even though I'm fairly good with making plans - most of which I rarely follow or change my mind. The big stage, I need to focus on is preparation. I tend to jump into tasks straight away or not do any preparation before hand or a rushed one. It can be simple things like laying out my gym clothes the night before rather then looking for stuff when I need it. Will this change? Not sure.

other update

It's been a hard last few months, I've had a few teeth drama. Had an abscess earlier in the year, then an extraction later, I think it was in September. I wasn't going to have it out but then there appears to be tooth decay so it came out. So painful and still healing. Then I had a heavily filled tooth crowned. It's been an expensive toothy year plus painful too. 

Happy New Year!!!


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