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My thoughts & what's On My Mind: Life Goals, Stage in life, Writer vs Publisher dilemma

Long terms goals

Today I sat on my bed looking up and ceiling and thinking what next? I have two bigger goals left. Mostly of a personal nature and one I can share. My weight and fitness.

I'm definitely overweight and it's affecting my health. I started off on a fitness regime, I'm still paying for the gym but at some point three months ago, I got a bad cold and flu and didn't go.

So eating and getting fit will be next...but it's been for a considerably long time, so I'm not sure what.

Stage in life

I discovered some home truths that makes me deeply grateful for where I am in life, and my parents. It's easy to get caught up in the not having this, regretting that, but I'm thankful.

Writer vs Self-Publisher Dilemma

Do I write or do I spend time building up my author's platform, and promoting myself? It's easy to get sucked into this whirlpool. With traditionally published writers all they need to do is write the best book they can. With self-publishing, it's what comes next... You quickly find out publishing  is a business to sell books.

Ideally promotion and marketing means visibility, and that may only may mean sales...

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