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Decluttering Me! Discovering the Marie Kondo way to declutter PART 3

Hi all,

So I've sorted out ALL my clothes, and makes for about 12 bags of clothes. New, old, tatty, prism etc. I've donated the first two bags I filled when I begun and with the other ten bags, I'm going to see if I can sell some stuff. I also have stuff for recycling so I need to bag that up. All in all a lot of stuff.

So the plans are going to a carboot sales. I think of doing it online but I stopped using eBay a long time ago, and really I can't be bothered with the postage. The same with Depo. It's new and sounds fab but it's the same old postage issues and buyers wanting something for nothing.

Also I just want this to be an easy process. To be honest it's really shipping/postage that is the big dealer. Also buyers. Saying that before I got bored on my eBay account, I did sell a lot.

There are lots of options for reselling but I want minimum hassle so I'm doing it the old fashion way. In a car book sale.

So the next stage is books which will be interesting because I write.

Marie Kondo Process Takeaway so far

I had a lot of cluttered. I've discovered lost things, new tights-pantie hose, lost items.  It has worked for me, but only using her method.  I've been doing the spark of joy thing which was quick surprising what I kept and have throw out. I have four items which didn't spark joy or neutrality, there was something. If felt like unfinished business so those I'm keeping. I feel guilty about it but they stay.

I'm going to start treating my remaining clothes with respect, as in the washing process. Not mixing clothes, the right drying, taking care,. FOLLOWING THE PROPER LAUNDRY INSTRUCTIONS.

 I'll also be doing a review maybe every three or six months.

It is a very emotional process but I feel a lot lighter. I rearranged my bedroom so now it's a lot larger. I probably need more storage space but I have a junk drawer that needs sorting - when I come to knickknacks like makeup etc, so I can probably use that.

Books next. That is scary. Books. So I'm pulling out my bookcases - I have six. Yes, six bookcases, and I shall be going through them. Oh and let me not forget the five boxes- plastic storage boxes. The those stacked in closets. Oh dear. This may be more hectic than the clothes.

It has been lingering on my mind for some reason. I don't like parting with books, so I'll see. Like some clothes were my emotional crutch. A lot of books are a massive emotional crutch.

I found my unused and still tagged clothes reflected my career aspirations but I got there without them. Some books reflect that too. Let's see.

Catch you later.


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