Holiday vacation in Spain , stripping carpets and musing about my book and readers

Thanks for popping by this time around. I've just come back for a delightful ten days in Salou in Spain. The main reason why Salou is such an ideal destination apart from the sunny climate is that it's only about a two hour flight from London and then a twenty minute transfer from the airport to the hotel. Bonus!

It is located in the Province of Tarragona which is on the Costa Daurada.

I've been on lots of holiday but three hour flights and longer transfers can leave on worse for wear. So Salou is the only place I've been twice. I will consider going to other places but for now, by the time I book my vacation at work, I'm all cranky, stressed and too jittery about travelling. I would love to holiday in the UK but frankly it would be the same amount of time, and probably a bit more dearer - expensive. Saying this the pound to the euro was nasty - nearly one to one exchange rate!  It's the second time round, and near Barcelona. We didn't get up to much - eating, drinking and walks on the beach.

The first time round last year, we went to Barcelona Football club which was okay - I'm not a massive football fan but it was on the must dos. This time around we just chilled out, and did nothing.

When I say nothing it was more a change of scenery since I was busy working on my novel and thinking of ways to edit it. I've sort of managed an editing plan. So the real break was away from the hassles, drama and politics of work.

I also managed to look at my goals - well revise them to see what was valid and what wasn't. I decide it was best to focus on things burning my mind up which really was my novel. So the main thing on my mind - editing the novel.

I even to inspiration for one of my novels there. I shall be setting it somewhere similar!

I've come back to lots of things, the first is ripping up my carpets because I have an dust allergy - I live in area with continuous building works and that hasn't helped with my chest.  Work as well.

But that is a blog for another post.

Have a great weekend

Best wishes



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