Weekly Blog: Inspirational week - Writing as Anna W Aden and attending Camden Adult Community Learning Awards.

Hi and welcome to an update of my week. Lots happened and I've only highlighted on the main points. I've done my first author interview under the pen name of Anna W Aden, the I lunched with my former inspirations colleagues in the city, and after that I supported an award winner at the Camden Adult Community Learning Celebrations!

First Interview as aspiring writer Anna W Aden

I’ve given my first interview as a writer. You know my writing pen name is Anna W Aden. So I’ve been interviewed by a fellow writer R-R. Varg (Rin Rin)  and you can check it out here.


That is one of my life  aspirations  -  to be a published novelist. So I’m starting with doing a few interviews on blogs, maybe writing some stories. I’m feeling my way now. So it’s something I’m excited about so have a read to see in my writer’s mode. 

Lunch at Planet Organic in Devonshire Square!

 I met up with my former collegeues who are truly team fabulous and inspirational for a spot of lunch at Planet Organic, Devonshire Square. I had good fun. I think I may need to take more pictures.

Camden Adult Community Learning Celebration!

I went to support a volunteer who won an award helping adults with their literacy and conversational needs. How awesome is that! It's very inspiration when people against all the odds - make a decision to change their lives and keep on at something. Some learners were motivated by keeping up with their children, the older generation like over 80 wanted keep up with technology. We take using things like a tablet - iPad etc for granted but lots of people can't use this. So they are isolated from their family and the world.

Well done!

Moving Forward, I've lots going on at the moment. Like plenty and hopefully will be going on holiday/vacation soon. Well in a couple of months time! Will look out for interesting things to say or post. Maybe turn it more visual.

Anyway check out my interview!

And some meme for you!

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