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I'm back with GOOD NEWS

My dear online friend,

Welcome to my blog. How are you? I hope all is well with you and you are doing fine. What friend you may think? I guess that is what you are, as long as you are reading this blog, that makes you an acquaintance of sorts. And pardon the familiarity, no matter how fleeting the relationship is, in this modern online world, you are a friend of at least this blog.

Lots have been happening. As normal a straight update about my goal.

YAY! I am now officially an Associate.

I think I am. Well it was touch and go for the last few weeks. I even had to go to my former's boss's home to get my final sign-off. She was exceeding kind and generous, since at the last minute I had a massive panic over getting a sign off (and verification). So a good 48 hours before I contacted her via Linkedlin - good old social media - and asked if she could sign me off. Less than 24 hours before the event, she replied me and confirmed she would.

She read through my report and signed it off. YAY!!! So least that was completed. However I still had to print off some paper. So on the morning of my assessment I was walking the streets looking for an Internet cafe with printing facilities. No such luck. It appears with WiFi all of these places have now closed down. I considered going to work but that was too far.

Anyway luckily the public libraries open early and I was able to print off a copy of what I needed. Go home in a made dash and made my way to the interview. It was interesting and not at all, what I expected. However RESULT.

So yes, now I have letters after my name and I am a Chartered Management Accountant with the right to put GCMA, AIMA after my name. YAY! Yes, mate, I'm now a qualified accountant. Being unqualified was the bale of my career. It just meant in this day and age I was stuck and could not progress beyond a certain point, even though I had about ten years' work experience. Also as a qualified accountant one is more positioned in the market place, with a reasonable amount of bargaining power - or so I'm told. Right now, I'm enjoying the fact I've actually qualified.

I'm taking a breather. One of my favourite childhood songs was The Gambler sung by Kenny Rogers and the chorus
You've got to know when to hold 'emKnow when to fold 'emKnow when to walk awayAnd know when to runYou never count your moneyWhen you're sittin' at the tableThere'll be time enough for countingWhen the dealin's done

Well now the dealing done, I can consider the options. Oh and the biggest lesson I learnt, get your work signed off as you go along. Don't wait until the last minute like I did. I'm just lucky I could get in contact with all my former employers.

I also need to send thank you cards to all my verifiers...I had to go back ten years. Always leave a workplace on good terms, I always have since you never know when you'll need a good reference. My first Finance Director is super cool. I was so blessed to start off under her because I gained a wonderful and solid foundation in accounting, which allowed me to progress well in my career.

Actually she recently won a prize for her department. I've been very fortunate to have worked for professionals from whom I could learn new skills from - I still am. That is paramount in the professional world. The first is like what you do, and make sure it keeps you engaged, and secondly keep yourself on your toes in terms of professional development. Most professional bodies have it as a requirement that members attend a certain amount of hours doing CPD - continuous professional development - every year.

What do I like about accounts? It's not just about bean counting or just figures. It gives one a different perspective and insight to an organisation. The way people deal with money is interesting - be it their own or someones or an organisation's. What's even more interesting is the old saying 'Put your money where your mouth is'. How money is spent or invested reflects decision making. I find it fascinating. It's interesting and with the right mix of people in the team it can be good fun.

Moving on, I had other goals to cover like sticking to an eating plan but I must confess with the anxiety of the getting my application together that all went to pot. I think I may have gained a few pounds.

So nothing more to talk about...yes my nose has been to the grindstone. But with exams over, and my application submitted and accepted I can now get back to a sense of normalcy in my life.

Thanks for reading this, and hope to catch up soon.




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