Stressed about editing my novel

I've decided to  try and salvage a novel I'm writing. It's in the editing process and I'm thinking of taking a course.

  I was thinking of taking Holly Lisle's course but that's expensive and it's mostly selfstudy as in there appears to be no tutor guidence. Then again I'm getting a stressed about this process and stress is a trigger for comfort eating.  This means I got and eat lots of cakes and pasties and stuff myself silly. Then I get a feeling of self loathing and feel bad.

So I've decided the fun seems to have gone from writing. I've always written for fun but now it seems there is some self-pressure I guess from getting so many 'how to' books on fiction. I don't seem to enjoy writing any more and sometimes that even stretches to reading.

So I'm taking a deep breath and going to write for FUN. This means taking pleasure and not getting all 'this is not good enough' about my writing.  I already have career thank you very much. Writing is more a release for myself and anyone who may like to read it.

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