What am I reading? The Good Doctor by Damon Galgut.

Beautifully written prose. The words glide off the page. As for the story - well it's a story about two worlds  past and the present colliding with a few hidden depths.

Galgut is what I'd call a fine writers who pulls no punches in his narrative. Nothing is out of bounds for him - he's pretty fearless and truthful. Sometimes it can be an uncomfortable read but nonetheless it is a truth.

Personally, I'm one for happy endings and escapism fiction so after a while despite his writing I stopped reading when I saw how things were going.

As I said I like happy ending rather than studying human nature. It is as Christopher Hope writing a review in the guardian gives a longer outline and as he concludes 'Damon Galgut has written a lovely, lethal, disturbing novel.' Another word is haunting. Check out his review.

Christopher Hope

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